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Family and Summer Services

Family Services: Typically are held from the beginning of the school year to the end of the school year from September to June.  Our services are open to all who wish to attend.  There is no dress code, you may come as you are.  Our Sangha is one of the most diverse in the BCA (Buddhist Churches of America). There is no fee for attendance, though donation (Dāna-Selfless Giving) is encouraged.


Summer Services: Generally consist of Meditation, Chanting and Adult Study afterwards on Buddhism and the Dharma. Held during the summer months

until September.  More Information

Naikan Retreat

Self Reflection (Naikan) on the physical body may be uncommon practice for most of us. Often, in our busy-ness, we forget this most precious instrument in our daily work. One day of silent meditation, gentle exercise and nutritious sustenance may renew our commitment to our health and appreciation for life.


The Naikan Retreat is currently held once a year, but may move to twice a year depending on turnout.  Please feel free to join us.

Nihon Matsuri

Nihon Matsuri takes place annually in Old Japan Town in the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City, always on the last Saturday of April. There is much to take in, from tea ceremonies and taiko drummers, to martial arts demonstrations and cosplayers.


For more information, please visit the Nihon Matsuri website:


Obon Festival

This festival is usually held on the second Saturday of July.  It is the largest festival of the year.  The Obon Festival and the Obon Memorial Service are held in recognition of a story found in the Ulambana Sutra.  The story concerns one of Shakyamuni Buddha's ten great disciples, Mogallana.


At the festival, there is food, Taiko drumming, dancing and temple tours.  All are welcome to attend.




If you are interested in being apart of the Adult Study Class (ASC), please fill out this form. We as a group are becoming more active in volunteering to help at our events and are even creating more events of our own.


We do not give out anyone's information to anyone other than within our own temple for communication and organization purposes. Your information will remain confidential.


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